Life as a Twenty-Something in Chicago

The talented blogger (and one of my very best friends) The Kate Keeper has been hosting a fascinating summer series about life as a twenty-something in various cities around the country. So far, women have shared snippets of their lives in Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, and Boston.

Today, I had the chance to wax poetic about my life as a twenty-something in Chicago. This city has its faults but I sure do love it at the end of the day. Head on over to her blog to check it out!


  1. What a cool idea for a series! I’m going to go check it out :)

  2. I love the series she is doing! Makes me really want to move to a big city :( I guess Columbus isn’t exactly tiny and Marty and I do benefit from living a couple of miles from the city; however, it just doesn’t compare to NYC, San Fran or Chicago (in my opinion!) :)

    • I’m butting in here to say thanks and that I visited Columbus a few years back for work and just loved it! The Short North neighborhood (and, specifically,Jeni’s ice cream) really rubbed me the right way. Thanks for reading, Di!

    • I’d love to see Columbus! The grass is greener, because I sometimes daydream about living in a smaller city. I think they must be cleaner, quieter, and less overwhelming!

  3. Thanks for gracing The Kate Keeper with your words, Jor! You are welcome anytime. xo

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