Winnie the Aussie at 6 Months Old

Today, Winnie the Pooch turns six months old. She’s already acting like a teen; she can be suuuper sassy sometimes. She has a stripe of wiry adult fur that’s slowly growing in on her back, encroaching on her puppy fuzz. And she’s getting spayed next week. Get ready for cone photos!

But she’s still got a little pup brain—she bounces all over when we come home, she whines when she gets stuck under the bed, and she has fallen into the water at Mike’s lakehouse twice. (Don’t worry, we were right there to scoop her out). Here are just a few photos of our growing pup, at six months old. We love this little darling so much!



Second time falling into the lake.

Second time falling into the lake. Had to capture this moment before I plucked her out.



We ran into two other red merle Australian Shepherds a few weeks ago on a walk.


The aftermath of a romp in the lake. Puppies. They’re just like toddlers.


  1. We just got a 6.5 month old pup. They certainly are characters! She’s adorable.

    • Aw, Nicole, I bet he/she’s such a cutie. They really are in this funny transitional period because they look like adults on the outside but they still have total puppy brains.

  2. Ah, the rebellious, insolent teenage phase. When your well trained puppy decides that maybe listening to you isn’t as fun as doing whatever they want. This too shall pass, but not before Winnie makes it interesting! She’s growing up quite nicely.

  3. What a beaut! I just love her.

  4. She’s gotten so big… but she’s still just as cute!

  5. what a cutie, jorie!!! how are you liking dog mom life? being dog mom to gatsby has been one of the best things for me, i love every second of it!

    • Thanks, Carrie! I love being a dog-mom. Our house feels more complete! It’s a lot of responsibility but she really does make it all worth it.

  6. I absolutely love the picture of Winnie surrounded by the lillypads. Great photo! Happy six-month birthday Winnie!! :D

    • Thanks, Di! We heard a big splash and whirled around to discover she had fallen in again. She loves the water so it’s not too big of a deal, but she can’t get out at the ledge where she keeps falling in. She’s still a baby at the end of the day! :)

  7. Such a Cutie Pie Trouble Maker – ha! Thanks so much for sharing your precious fur baby :)

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