Friday Round-Up: May 16, 2014

Hi! Happy Friday. What’s going on in your world? I’m headed up to Mike’s family lakehouse in Michigan and then we’re celebrating my dad’s birthday on Sunday night. Happy early birthday, Dad!

sunset in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, April 2012

sunset in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, April 2012

What sleep deprivation does to your body.

– BBC News investigates: the slow death of purposeless walking. In other words, why aren’t people strolling anymore?

Tears, under a microscope, look very different based on whether you’re happy, sad, frustrated, or feeling nostalgic.

This nifty chart breaks down the best times to visit the most popular national parks in Canada and the U.S.

– I think the mom steals the show in this charming mother-son wedding dance.

Cookie dough pretzel bites look crazy delicious.

– Sorta love these lists of mind-blowing facts.

Trained dancers are freaking out about this Free People adAs a dancer, I gotta agree that this is sorta embarrassing. Bottom line: there are many, many styles of dance that allow for a wide range of skill and interpretation—ballet isn’t really one of ’em. Any dancers out there, what do you think about this ad?

This 9-year-old built a no-kill animal shelter in his parents’ garage. So cool.



  1. Movement definitely helps unstick my frequently stuck brain. A run along the lake is the best for clearing out your head. And for watching people on divvy bikes crash while trying to take selfies.

  2. The article regarding tears was fascinating. I never would’ve thought there was a difference! Also, I read through that ’72 Facts…’ list last night and laughed out loud at a few of the facts. My favorites were: It’s impossible to hum while holding your nose and that coconuts (and cows) kill more people than sharks every year! :)

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