Winnie at 4 Months

At four months old, Winnie has been a part of our family for more than half her time on earth. One day this past week, we woke up and our chubby bunny had sprouted long legs and her ears had migrated north to the top of her head.


Her soft, tan fur had turned a fiery cinnamon. And she grew a major badunkadunk.


The one upside to a more grown-up puppy is that Winnie has developed loads of personality. She loves chasing leaves on walks, seeking out the tiniest patch of snow to do her business on, and playing with any and all dogs. Her favorite napping spot is beneath our bed and sometimes, she’ll watch TV with us. She’s a total goofball and I love her so much.






A lot of people think she looks like a brown bear cub. They’re not wrong.


Sometimes when she sits, she does this thing I’ve dubbed the “Chubby Puppy Sit.” It totally melts my heart.

chubby puppy

…and she just completed a 6-week puppy obedience class and she passed with flying colors.


I leave you with a photo of Kiva. I’ll never NOT think it’s hilarious to dress these dogs up.



Question of the day: If you have a dog, are you as obsessed with him or her as I am? I’ve gone full-on crazy dog lady.


  1. Cute! I looooove my dog so much! It’s the unconditional love, the adorableness, and the constant companionship that comes along with a wagging tail!

  2. Omg. Favorite post ever. Hysterical pictures!! And good news, I am with you in the crazy obsessed dog mom category. I tell Nola and Kiah they are my best friends, take pictures of them all the time, talk to them like they are people, and love them to the moon and back! :)

    • Thank you, Kate! She is so fun to mess with and dress up! Like a fuzzy little prop :) Glad you’re equally obsessed with your pups. It’s pretty much impossible not to be!

  3. Totally obsessed with my pup. Not mad about it :)

  4. Looks like it’s been a fun couple months, the chubby puppy sit cracks me up. Also, Kiva makes a great babushka.

    • She really does pull off that scarf! It has been a fantastic couple of months with this pup, I just wish time would slow down. I’m really enjoying her puppyhood.

  5. Okay, first, that picture of Kiva. I’ve been laughing at it all weekend! Second, Winnie is such a nugget! You can just tell from the pictures that she’s got that boundless puppy spirit. How fun!

  6. The answer to your question is so obvious. :)
    Cholula still does the chubby puppy sit and loves that crook-of-the-arm move on the couch. I love that Winnie still has the pink puppy belly… and hello, EARS. You know how I feel about the ears.

  7. Ahhhh what a cutie!!

  8. my obvious answer to this one is YES i am definitely obsessed with my dog! and how can you not be they’re always so happy and loving, truly wonderful animals! winnie is completely adorable!

  9. Oh you know I’m dog crazy!

  10. I have a lovely dog, that doesn’t obey me that much :D Her name is Canela (Cinnamon), and no matter what I love her, even when she literally ate a piece of my car ;)

    • Hahaha, Jess! Why is that they chew the most expensive stuff? Winnie chewed through my laptop power cord, which is like $50 to replace!

  11. This just totally made my day. More puppy pics please! Too cute!


  12. Ohhhh Jory… You make me want a dog so bad. If only I had the time, then my life could finally be complete.

    • Just did one of my biggest pet peeves.. JorIE**** I should look into a future career as a Starbucks Barista.

      • Jules, I know that feeling so well! I wanted a dog SO BADLY before we got Winnie. I must say, everyone warned us how hard it was going to be and told us not to get her … but we’ve loved every minute, even the stressful ones! And oh my goodness, don’t even worry about the spelling. ;)

  13. Aw, our babies are the same age! What is her birthday? Joshua’s 4 1/2 months now, born 11/23/13. I’m a crazy dog lady too, except I think you’re supposed to have more than 10 to count as an official crazy dog person – haha! I LOVE dogs! They are the best pets ever….or should I say best FRIENDS ever?!

    • Veronica, I’m right there with you! I’m already thinking that we should get a friend for Winnie … ;) Josh and Winnie are pretty close together after all! Winnie was born December 10, 2013!

  14. Loving Your Captures – Getting So BIG:)

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