Friday Round-Up: March 21, 2014

I totally skipped out on last week’s Friday round-up and to make it up to you, I have a supersized round-up today. What are you getting up to this weekend?

Anatomy of a Facebook relationship. I found this so fascinating, very Millennial, and just a smiiiidge Orwellian.

The most famous people, ever.

– You can now stay overnight in this creeeepy-ass haunted mansion in Silicon Valley.

Student breaks a 19th-century Greco-Roman statue by sitting on its lap to take a selfie. This is why we can’t have nice things.

– How Chicago neighborhoods got their names. This is interesting to like, four of you.

How to prevent breakouts. Pssst, I wrote this!

The most popular coffeehouse chains across the country. I can vouch that Chicago is a healthy mix of Dunks and Starbucks, though I do prefer Dunks.

– So you want to be a “Beastmaster” at Buzzfeed, huh? GQ profiled the kind, dog-owning vegetarians who are responsible for all those articles of animal gifs on Buzzfeed. To which I say, I’m a kind, dog-owning vegetarian and I want to be a Beastmaster.

77 facts that sound like lies but are true.

– Puppy butts. Squeeeeeeal.

– 24 charming New England towns.

Twin polar bear cubs.

Aaron Paul reallllly loves his wife. This is cute.

Watch a pod of orcas breach right next to this boat.


  1. Love these Jorie! Happy Friday!

  2. One of four checking in. Thinking about some of the people who now live in LP, this sentence had me cracking up, “Lincoln Park was originally a cemetery for cholera and smallpox victims.”

  3. I agree that it’s cheating that they count the entire Berkshire County as one New England town! And I can’t believe Westfield didn’t make the list :)

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