Stitch Fix #3

Though I’ve been on a shopping hiatus lately, I had a gift card to use for a Stitch Fix so I scheduled one for early March and asked for warm weather clothes, thinking it would be warming up in Chicago. BAHAHA. Regardless, I done got me some goodies. Check ’em out below. As always, if you want to schedule your own Stitch Fix, here’s a referral link.

If you don’t know how Stitch Fix works, you can read more about it on my previous posts: Stitch Fix #1 and Stitch Fix #2.

Item #1: Boatneck striped cotton tee ($48)


I knew as soon as I pulled this puppy out of the box that I was going to love it. Can never have too many striped tees. I’m thinking I’ll pair it with white jeans and wedges in the summer. Speaking of puppies, look who snuck into the background the first time I tried to take a shot of this shirt…

Verdict: KEEP and love and snuggle (just like Winnie)


Item #2: Boyfriend jeans ($78)


These hit at a weird length, making them look like floods. Not a flattering look for me, and beyond that, I don’t really need new jeans right now.

Verdict: Nah.

Item #3: Chevron infinity scarf ($32)


I’d been eyeing a similar scarf last year and this one was delivered to my door, so IT WINS.

Verdict: A resounding yes!

Item #4: Pleated skirt ($28)



When I pulled this out of the box, one of my co-workers yelled, “Figure-skating costume!” It had a shiny sheen to it that’s not showing up in the photo. I had no idea to style this. Stitch Fix suggested pairing with an oversized sweater, so I tried that, with ridiculous results…the girl in that photo has NO IDEA what season it is. I will say that it was much cuter when I tried it on than I ever thought it would be!

Verdict: No. Just no.

Item #5: Print lace detailed blouse ($58)



I liked the pattern but wasn’t crazy about the lace in the back. Plus, it was a bit pricier so if I wasn’t in love, I thought it would be best to let it go.

Verdict: Return to sender.

Have you ever scheduled a Stitch Fix? Do you suscribe to any other delivery services like Birchbox or Shoe Mint?


  1. I’m signed up for Stitch Fix. It’s still hit and miss for me, but I enjoy the surprise of what they send me. I’ve also signed up for Ipsy (make-up and beauty samples) this month. It’s only $10 a month. Can’t wait to see what they send me!

    • I love the idea of beauty samples. I often buy a lot from Sephora and wind up returning it because I’m not in love. A box of beauty samples would really help steer me in the right direction!

  2. I’ve been curious to try Stitch Fix! I’ve heard some good things, but I’m also super picky about fit, (and I’m kind of short, so things never fit haha) but it would be kind of fun to have someone else do the shopping!

    • I know what you mean about the pickiness, Liz! I try to be super-critical when I decide what I’m keeping and what I’m returning, otherwise it can get ridiculously expensive.

  3. I have such a tough time finding clothes that fit in all the right places so I always have to try on before buying. I ordered a few skirts from JCrew last week that had pleats. What was I thinking and what are they thinking–pleats at the waist and a slit in the front? No one can make that work!!

    • I know exactly what you mean about try-before-you-buy, Nicole! The one downfall to StitchFix is that if nothing fits/you don’t like anything in your box, you still have to pay the $20 styling fee. Luckily, that hasn’t happened to me yet, but I know a few women who haven’t liked anything in their boxes.

  4. Ahh, Winnie photobomb – LOVE! Definitely think you made the right decisions on what to send back!

    • Thanks so much, Kerry! She’s a cute little photobomber. She always stares up in amazement, like what on earth is going on up there?!

  5. I love your posts but I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe someday. These days I’m usually either in scrubs or sweat pants :) My style=outdoorsy meets homeless!

    • HAHA, love that description, Tobi. Scrubs always look so comfy and cute (to this non-nurse or doctor) but I’m sure, like anything, you get sick of wearing them day after day!

  6. Love these posts Jorie! I wish Stitch Fix would sponsor these posts so we can keep seeing them! Good choice on the shirt and scarf but I thought the jeans looked great on you too. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of boyfriend jeans for a year now…a good boyfriend jean is just so hard to fine. ::sigh::

    • Thanks so much, Constance! (Hear that, Stitch Fix?! Hahaha). A good boyfriend jean IS so hard to find. I just don’t know if I can pull it off!

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