Friday Round-Up: July 18, 2014

Welcome to the weekend, ladies and gents! We’re in throes of summer and I’m trying so hard to savor it. What are you up to this weekend?

- The best things about being close to your mom. Love you, mama!

- How to beat your sugar addiction.

- IKEA is launching a brilliant pet adoption campaign. Good on ya, IKEA.

- Fewer teens than ever are working summer jobs. But it’s a rite of passage! Get thee to a lifeguard stand and stat.

- This is making the rounds on Facebook, but it’s so cool. A former gymnast is the first woman to complete the American ninja warrior course. Go gymnasts!

- Voters will soon decide if California should be split into six states.

- Hilarious gifs.

- When to wash everything in your home. Handy!

- How one supermarket avoids throwing out old produce. This is pretty smart.

- What your acne breakout could mean about your health.

- This clever dog toy would keep your pups occupied for a really long time.

Friday Round-Up: July 11, 2014

I skipped out on your Friday Round-Up last week thanks to the holiday weekend, so here are some links to get back in your good graces. What’s on tap this weekend for you? Mike’s mom is throwing us an engagement party for Mike and my immediate family which I’m super pumped about, and then tomorrow, I’m going boating with my sister and brother-in-law. Shaping up to be a mighty fine coupla days.

- I found this essay to be quite moving: “She’s Still Dying on Facebook.” 

- The United States of Basic Bitches. A field guide to the basic gal in each region.

- This is what it looks like to dive between continents.

- Brilliant idea for bookstores.

- The second trailer for David Fincher’s Gone Girl was just released. Oooh, girl, I cannot wait for this.

- Famous actors and actresses pose as Disney characters in Annie Liebovitz’s new photo series.

- Here’s how they get models’ hair to flip around in shampoo commercials. DYING LAUGHING at some of the comments on this one.

Book Chat: A Moveable Feast, I Feel Bad About My Neck, Bird by Bird, and The Invention of Wings


Thanks to a cross-country flight and some time relaxing up in Michigan, I’ve been able to work through a spate of books recently. What are you in the mood for? …a classic, nonfiction story about life as an expat in 1920s Europe: A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway My old roommate and I share a love of […]

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Friday Round-Up: June 27, 2014

Happy weekend! – Happily ever after: one researcher says relationships come down to kindness and generosity. – “Hunger Games” propaganda posters. – America’s most stressed out cities. Is your city on here? – How to improve your luck. – Hey, I wrote this! The correct way to remove your eye makeup. – Oh, and I also […]

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Life as a Twenty-Something in Chicago

The talented blogger (and one of my very best friends) The Kate Keeper has been hosting a fascinating summer series about life as a twenty-something in various cities around the country. So far, women have shared snippets of their lives in Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, and Boston. Today, I had the chance to wax […]

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A Proposal at 8,800 Feet in Yosemite National Park


I’ve been meaning to write this post for the past three weeks, but my spare time decided it had other plans, like grocery shopping and watching six hours of “The Bachelorette” until I wanted to bash my head on the coffee table. Three weekends ago, I spent a glorious five days in San Francisco and Yosemite […]

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Friday Round-Up: June 13, 2014

Happy Friday! It’s been a long, hard week. I’m going to spend this weekend with family celebrating my grandpa’s extraordinary life. Squeeze your loved ones tight. Xoxo. – Unusual animal friendships that will melt your heart. – The perfect time to arrive at the airport: “The best time to arrive at the airport is as […]

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Winnie the Aussie at 6 Months Old


Today, Winnie the Pooch turns six months old. She’s already acting like a teen; she can be suuuper sassy sometimes. She has a stripe of wiry adult fur that’s slowly growing in on her back, encroaching on her puppy fuzz. And she’s getting spayed next week. Get ready for cone photos! But she’s still got a […]

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Friday Round-Up: May 30, 2013


Happy Friday! I’ve been MIA around these parts, mostly because I was out of town last weekend, visiting good friends in San Francisco and then hiking in Yosemite National Park. I also have some big news to share: Mike and I got engaged! I’ll try to tell the whole story next week, but in the […]

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Friday Round-Up: May 16, 2014

sunset in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, April 2012

Hi! Happy Friday. What’s going on in your world? I’m headed up to Mike’s family lakehouse in Michigan and then we’re celebrating my dad’s birthday on Sunday night. Happy early birthday, Dad! – What sleep deprivation does to your body. – BBC News investigates: the slow death of purposeless walking. In other words, why aren’t […]

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