Friday Round-Up: September 19, 2014

Well hello there! It’s been a hectic week ’round these parts as we settle into our new neighborhood in Chicago. I’m absolutely loving the location so far, even if we are surrounded by boxes like a bonafide episode of “Hoarders.” Hey, we’ll get there eventually, right? (RIGHT?)

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.52.18 PM

- 20 of the world’s most spectacular train stations.

- An adorable black bear in southern California cooled off with a swim in someone’s backyard pool.

- The failure rates of different types of birth control, explained.

- Could you spend a night in this underwater hotel room? I think I’d be too freaked out to sleep.

- If Andy Dwyer quotes were motivational posters. These are amazing. Side note: Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari were filming an episode of “Parks and Rec” down the street from my old office building. SO CLOSE, yet so far.

- On Conan, former SNL cast member Nasim Pedrad reveals a spot-on Aziz Ansari impression that never made it on air.

- Celebrities reveal what fans say to them most often when approached on the street.

Friday Round-Up: September 12, 2014

Happy Friday!

If it doesn’t make you say “Hell yeah!”, then say no. Great advice.

- Rachel McAdams might be starring in Season 2 of “True Detective.”

- The most photogenic fox.

- Secrets about Chicago that you might not know.

- How much the “Friends” apartment and “Full House” home would cost in real life.

- What’s wrong with marriage in movies.

What Hobby Would You Take Up If You Had Endless Time and Money?

I climbed a route with a camera strapped to my back to get this shot of my friend Brian on another route.

If time, money, and location were no object, is there a hobby that you would try to master? I’d love to learn to play the piano, tend a blooming garden, and become a whiz on the tennis court. But I also have an answer that’s a bit more unconventional: rock climbing. Hear me out. In […]

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Friday Round-Up: September 5, 2014

Oh my god, it’s September. Time’s a-wastin’. Happy weekend! – 10 smart things you should do in your 20s. – Yao Ming lends his celebrity to encourage his fellow Chinese citizens to help save the elephants of Africa. Go Yao! – How to make friends after college. – 19th century bridal superstitions. – In scary news: Two […]

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How To Find Your Signature Scent


Do you have a signature scent? With certain perfumes, all it takes is one whiff on a busy street in Chicago and I can immediately picture a friend or family member who regularly wears that fragrance. Even if I don’t know the name of the perfume! The olfactory gland is an amazing thing. I love the […]

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Friday Round-Up: August 29, 2014


Oh how I wish I was still in Europe. I’ll share some more photos and stories from that trip soon. In the meantime, I’m going to sigh wistfully at this picture of the view of Old Town Dubrovnik from the balcony of our room. Happy Labor Day weekend! I’m off to Michigan with Mike, my sister, […]

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Wedding Nightmares

I generally consider myself a pretty relaxed bride-to-be. Mainly because I’ve done very little planning so far, and the wedding is still 13 months away. But my unconscious brain? Inside there lurks an anxious bride. Allow me to explain. I’ve had no fewer than four ABSURD wedding-related nightmares in the past year (I started having […]

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Book Chat: Summer Reads


Hello again! Long time, no post. I have no excuse, except for pure laziness on my part. In related news, this summer vacation has been a return to form, reading-wise. Here are the books I’ve crossed off my list lately. What are you in the mood for? …a novel about familial and romantic love, as well […]

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Friday Round-Up: July 18, 2014

Welcome to the weekend, ladies and gents! We’re in throes of summer and I’m trying so hard to savor it. What are you up to this weekend? – The best things about being close to your mom. Love you, mama! – How to beat your sugar addiction. – IKEA is launching a brilliant pet adoption […]

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Friday Round-Up: July 11, 2014

I skipped out on your Friday Round-Up last week thanks to the holiday weekend, so here are some links to get back in your good graces. What’s on tap this weekend for you? Mike’s mom is throwing us an engagement party for Mike and my immediate family which I’m super pumped about, and then tomorrow, I’m […]

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