Friday Round-Up: April 18, 2014

Happy weekend! I’m off to see “Million Dollar Quartet” tonight with Mike, thanks to Mike’s parents’ generous birthday gift. What are you getting up to this weekend?

Below are two little birthday treats I received—Mike sent me a gorgeous bouquet at work and my grandma painted this portrait of Winnie. Isn’t she so talented?

birthday gifts

- The confidence gap between women and men.

- Raising a moral child.

- 20 animals that are just huge jerks. (Thanks, Kate)

Amy Schumer’s perfect Aaron Sorkin parody. If you’ve watched “The Newsroom,” you’ll love this.

- The new Gone Girl trailer was just released. I gotta admit, I’m pretty excited to see how David Fincher interprets this book.

- Yummy dinners based on great novels.

- Dude taking a selfie in front of a train gets kicked in the head by an engineer. Don’t worry, he’s fine. Low brow humor be damned, this made me cackle.

- Funny notes from kids.

- You’re going to want to read this. Dillie, the deer, is the sweetest house pet.


The Midwest Maven Turns Two

Here at The Midwest Maven headquarters (AKA my unmade bed), I’m celebrating another revolution around the sun. I’d like to thank each and every one of you who stopped by to read my rambling thoughts, left a comment, or shared one of my posts with someone. It’s so much more fun to write for an engaged, witty audience like yourselves. So thank you, thank you. Here’s to the terrible twos! Let the tantrums and hysterical outbursts begin.

Highlight Reel, Year Two

Here are some of my favorite posts from the last 12 months of blogging. In the past year, I…

- Hiked in Starved Rock State Park, sang along to Paul McCartney at Bonnaroo, camped near Michigan’s Mackinac Island (and made a video about it), hosted a college reunion at my apartment, road-tripped to South Carolina, toured historic Charleston and lovely Hilton Head and Savannah, spent Thanksgiving in Colorado, and explored Tucson with my mom and sister


- Wrote about the six life lessons I learned from my mom and shared kernels of wisdom from my dad

mom and dad

- Got a puppy named Winnie, gave her a bath, and watched her grow


- Waxed nostalgic about the best summer job I ever had, explained how to build a wilderness survival kit, reflected on the Boston Marathon bombings, talked about why sitting 8 hours a day is bad for you, hosted a craft beer and cheese-tasting party, experimented with Stitch Fix, selected my top five favorite hikes of all time, and set New Year’s Resolutions (and kept only some of them)


- Chatted about so many books

- Made angel food pudding cake, campfire banana boats, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin face mask, and caprese salad skewers


Thank you again for reading! Here’s to another year. Cheers.


A Weekend Getaway in Tucson, Arizona


Last week, my mom, sister, and I decamped to the southwest for a few days for a bit of R&R. We stayed in a casita at a gorgeous resort in Tucson; the balcony had views of the palm trees and the mountains. Our days were unhurried and typically went a little bit like this: we’d […]

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Friday Round-Up: April 11, 2014

Hiya! Today, I’m turning 26. It’s sort of a strange age, no? 25 is so definitive and strong and smack dab in the heart of your twenties. 27 is very “I have my life together.” So where does that leave little old 26? I think it’s the “23″ of your upper twenties—a weird, transitional age when […]

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Pottery Class Sister Date


Growing up, I loved art class. It’s just so rewarding and strangely peaceful to spend an afternoon making something with your hands. In that spirit, I signed up for a lace plate-making class at Terra Incognito in nearby Oak Park one Saturday this past March, and invited my sister to come along. First, we chose […]

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Beauty Horror Stories

Last month, my friend Krista Burton—a hilariously talented writer—asked her fellow scribes to share their beauty horror stories for an upcoming Beautylish article. I immediately thought of an encounter I had junior year of college with nail polish remover and my own eyeball. You can read the full account of my biggest beauty blunder below (and click […]

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Friday Round-Up: April 4, 2014


Happy weekend! I’m currently in sunny Tucson, Arizona with my mom and sister for a girls’ getaway. On the docket is hiking in Saguaro National Park, perhaps a bit of a spa day, and margaritas so large I might drown in them. Happily. Death by margarita. What are you up to? P.S. speaking of margs, here’s […]

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Winnie at 4 Months


At four months old, Winnie has been a part of our family for more than half her time on earth. One day this past week, we woke up and our chubby bunny had sprouted long legs and her ears had migrated north to the top of her head. Her soft, tan fur had turned a fiery […]

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Spring Wish List

Home Decor

By the time spring rolls around each year, I’m sick with cabin fever. I want to open the proverbial shutters, shoo out winter, and stir some new life into my surroundings. So this spring, after Mike and I renewed the lease to stay in our apartment another six months, I want to focus specifically on revamping a bit of […]

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Friday Round-Up: March 28, 2014

Happy Friday! I’m sorry for the lack of posting the past month (if you happened to have noticed!). My computer is on the fritz and I desperately need to get a new one. I’ve been borrowing Mike’s laptop but I don’t have access to my photos. So! Hopefully that changes this weekend. – The Atlantic […]

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